Saturday, July 28, 2012

Serve Romania Newsletter - July 2012

Sweet, sweet summertime!!  

As children growing up, it was always exciting for the school year to end and summer to begin.  It seemed like attitudes changed all around us as people took on more of a "vacation" outlook.  Even families like ours, without a lot of money, managed to do something more relaxed and fun.  (Camping, fishing and cousins come to mind!)  

In many ways, things are still the same.  We are thankful that here in Romania, summertime opens up opportunities for people to step back for a short time from their difficult lifestyles.  Many people are now în concediu (vacation) mode and either traveling or relaxing at home.

From the USA, it also opens up a time when people can devote their allotted concediu to a focused time of service to the Lord.  Mission teams are traveling all over the world, including Romania.  Since we know how short-term missions affected our lives, it is a special blessing that we can see God at work in the lives of those serving, as well as those being served.

If you'd like to see pictures of what's been going on in Romania and beyond for the past two months, please click each link below.  As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words..."  

Here are the highlights of projects and activities since our last newsletter.  We have 
  • Witnessed the baptism of two young friends at our church here in Timișoara
  • Traveled to Cakovec, then Koprivnica, Croatia, along with a sweet couple from Denton who came to serve with us.  
  • Returned home to re-pack, then traveled to Botașani, Romania, met and served with the Denton Bible Church medical teams.
  • With a Women Serving God team, presented women's conferences in Suceava and Sibiu. 
  • Proceeded to the Târgoviste area where we served with the Denton Bible Church evangelism team. We served mainly In the villages of Cozaci (Jim) and Odobești (Brenda). 
  • Worked on the fun process of renewing our Romanian long-stay visa (still working... please pray!) 
  • AND moved from our little apartment into a HOUSE! 
Click below to see the pictures!  And happy summer to you and "drum bun" if you are traveling! 

Abiding Always in Him,

Jim and Brenda

Evangelism Mission in Târgoviste area with DBC team

Medical and Evangelism Mission in Botașani and Suceava areas of Romania. Click to see pictures and information.

Click here to see more pictures from our time in Croatia - June 2012

More pictures from recent Women Serving God conferences