Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update to Summer plans!

Great news!!  After recent BTCP training in Romania, several Pastors from Romania and surrounding countries spoke to Mike Scheer, our DBC Missions Director and requested Man of God, Foundations of Biblical Manhood training.  Plans were made and we have opportunity to help with this teaching in two cities in June.  The study will be provided to churches in Timisoara and Suceava, along with The Titus II Woman, Living a Godly Life study. 

We (Jim and Brenda) will both be leaving for Romania at the same time and traveling together with a few others!  After the training sessions in these 2 cities, we will join the Medical/Evangelism team in Sibiu.  This will be an ongoing opportunity for us once we are on the ground overseas!  God is opening doors we never expected!  Isn't He just always good that way??

Both studies are aimed at the pursuit of holiness and therefore changed lives.  John Brown states "Indeed, relationship issues between people can always be traced back to their relationship issues with God.  Therefore, it is important to first focus on improving relationships with God so that we can then improve relationship with our families and others."  Our desire is to equip national leaders who will then teach others.  Please pray that in teaching this study, we will not be merely providing information, but it will be received by open hearts who truly seek to please God.  May we only glorify our merciful and gracious God as we attempt to explain His never-ending love!